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Cadillac reverses up the hood of 2 parked cars


Cadillac takes a Wrong turn from David Bramblett on Vimeo.

An out-of-control Cadillac was filmed dashing through an intersection in reverse before winding up on top of a Volkswagen Jetta and a Dodge Journey, according to the automotive site Jalopnik.

The Citrus County Chronicle reports that there were no known injuries in the three car pile-up, which involved just one driver.

“A male driver backed out of the SunTrust (bank) drive-through over a curb into County Road 486,” the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office told the west Florida news outlet.

The caddy’s driver allegedly “cut the wheel and continued to reverse around the curve until he hopped a curb back into the SunTrust parking lot.”

That’s where motorist and his white luxury automobile wound up atop two parked cars. It’s unclear what led to bizarre chain of events.

A Cadillac XTS like the one involved in the crash costs upward to $42,000, according to Consumer Reports. The site said the car handles well, but that under ordinary circumstance “the ride is jittery and feels very ordinary for a luxury car.”

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