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Boy finds special Christmas gift at his Army dad’s gravesite



Everyday Braxon Wells and his mother Danielle visit his dad’s grave so Christmas day was no different. Except when they arrived this time, there was a special gift waiting for Braxton.

Former Soldier Cody Wells worked for the police department and died following a car accident earlier this year. Danielle told WHNT about that tragic night that Cody left and never came home.

“He works for the police department. Of course, I thought it was Cody coming to the door, because he forgot his keys or something, and I opened up the door, and it was them. They told me he had a wreck, and he didn’t make it.”

Usually Danielle leaves toys at Cody’s gave so that Braxton can play with his daddy when they visit him, but this time Chris Blake, who created Cody’s headstone left the special box at the gravesite as a gift from father to son. It’s moments like these that shine a hopeful light on the sorrow that Danielle and Braxton have gone through.

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