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Baseball Fans Expose Cheating Wife at Atlanta Braves Game


Cheaters never win. Especially cheaters at sporting events who happen to be cheating in front of good Samaritans.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Delana Hinson and her friend Brynn, busted an adulteress at an Atlanta Braves game on Wednesday. The cheater was “sexting” a man, but his number was saved as “Nancy” in her phone.

The women took pictures of the messages that revealed the other person’s name was really “Mark Allen” and uploaded them to Twitter for the world to see.

Hinson, out of the kindness of her heart, wrote the man a note alerting him of his cheating wife.

“Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! It’s really a man named Mark Allen. There is pictures on my phone.”

She went on to say if his wife deleted the messages, she would be happy to show him the pictures on her phone. The note was ended with a simple, “Sorry, just thought you should know!”

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