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The Taco Cannon Is Here People

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce you to: Taco Cannon. How does a taco stay together if it's being shot out of...

Police Officer Pulls Over 2-Year-Old

No parent wants to see their child pulled over.  So when Ashley Crawford witnessed a police car pull her son over in his vehicle,...

Farmer’s dog drives tractor onto motorway in Scotland

A farmer whose sheepdog took "control of a tractor" and ended up on a busy motorway has spoken of his relief that nobody was...

Girl Who Was Paralyzed For 11 Days Surprises Her Nurse

In what can only be described as a modern miracle, a girl who suffered complete paralysis from the waist down walked again. She took...

Boring Office Job GoPro

GoPros are are so awesome they make desk jobs look fun.

Jurassic World – Trailer

The newest trailer for Jurassic World is here! The film hits theaters this summer on June 12.

Silverback Gorilla Cracks Window At Zoo

A normal family day at the zoo...then, BOOM!

ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Throws Temper Tantrum

The video above shows Britt McHenry, a reporter for ESPN, being extremely rude to a parking lot attendant that was just doing her job....

New Star Wars Trailer Breaks The Internet

The newest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out yesterday and has already garnished 18,680,043 views. Better luck next year Kim Kardashian,...