‘Tis The Season: Man shows homeowners how to protect their packages with shotgun shells

Those wishing to steal packages may soon be in for an explosive surprise, as one Washington man comes out with a decoy package to deter thieves.

Tacoma resident Jaireme Barrow has developed a booby trap deterrent device called The Blank Box, which utilizes a 12 Gauge Shotgun blank-armed wooden frame hidden inside a cardboard box disguised as a parcel.

When people try and steal the box, a tension wire triggers the firing pin, which sets off the blank and sends the would-be thieves running for the hills.

According to the Daily Mail, his device has been tested several times in real-world incidents, with security footage capturing the pure terror on the faces of unsuspecting package thieves.

Similar devices are nothing new- the entire premise of the idea is based on tripwire devices that farmers use to scare away varmints.

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