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American tourist throws feces in naked rampage through Thailand airport


It took help from airport security, tourist police officers, Saku police officers, and Phuket International Airport staff members to stop South Korean passenger Steve Cho, 27, from wreaking havoc throughout the terminal.

A letter that the Phuket International Airport issued explains that Steve, who has an American passport, was waiting to fly to Incheon when he stripped off his clothes and began walking through the terminal naked, breaking valuables in the airport shops.

By the time officers and staff members tried to calm him down, Steve started throwing his feces at security and other passengers.

After some time, the officers were able to control the situation enough to arrest and transport him to the airport’s tourist center.

According to the Phuket International Airport, “When he regained his composure [at the airport’s tourist center] he admitted that he took too many Viagra pills and lost consciousness. He accepted responsibility to reimburse for any damages that he caused.”

His flight was canceled so that Saku Police could take him down to the station to investigate. Later he was transported to a local hospital for further medical and mental examinations.

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