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Alyssa Milano dresses as RBG, tweets double-gaffe that gets double deleted


Alyssa Milano took to twitter this Halloween to display her affection for the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she dressed up in costume resembling the Justice. But following in the footsteps of her idol candidate Joe Biden, Milano made a double gaffe in a succession of tweets. 

In a series of tweets, Ms. Milano exclaims “Happy Halloween. RGB forever”, then deleted the tweet as she realized her acronym error. Ms. Milano then, in an hasty effort, tweets “Happy Halloween. Ruth Bader Ginsberg. #NotoriousRBG”, creating a Halloween double gaffe by misspelling her last name. 

Alyssa will probably need to brush up on the correct spelling of her ‘heroes’ before Halloween 2021. Twitter users have been asking her why she deleted her Halloween tweets. 

Ms. Milano was extremely vocal in her disdain for the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh, suggesting that he would “further institutionalization of sexual violence”. She even went to protest the confirmation, and was seen holding signs that say “I believe survivors”.

A different kind of protest took place on Milano’s twitter back in April of 2020, when Joe Biden was accused of sexual misconduct involving a staffer, Tara Reade. Milano tweeted this.

Milano apparently did not feel the same way about the Biden allegations. She was not seen with a sign reading “I believe survivors” or protesting the current democratic nominee for President, Joe Biden.

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