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3 Reptiles that had a close call with humans



1. The deadly predator slithering through this little girl’s photo

SO… THIS HAPPENED TODAY!!!?… check bottom right corner or pic!! Out taking some snaps of this cute outfit from @twinklestardesigns and waiting for the big kids to get off the bus. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye and thought it was bark falling from the tree as it was so windy…looked up to see this big mother of a brown slide past Miss Molly ???. She didn’t even notice it thankfully and is totally fine, I still haven’t recovered!! When I got home I was telling the older kids how big the snake was as they were in the vicinity too and one of them asked me if I got a pic of it. I didn’t know it at the time but yes I did!! It was at least 2m long!! It’s still making me sick looking at this. A timely reminder to keep a good lookout around you, it wasn’t even hot today. This mumma needs a champas or three! . . . . . . . . . @littlebrownies_ #sun7 #TheProjectTV #9Today #theellenshow #southaussiecozi #heraldsunphoto #abcmyphoto #snake #bigsnake #countrylife #style #omg #instagood #photooftheday #cute #me #picoftheday #summer #girl #instadaily #smile #nature #igers #kidzfashion #nofilter #outdoors #fashion #viral #straya #mate

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An Australian mother taking photos of her 2-year-old daughter captured the moment the toddler was photobombed by a massive and deadly snake.

Bianca Dickinson of Kaniva, Victoria, posted a photo to Facebook showing the large eastern brown snake slithering mere inches away from where 2-year-old Molly was smiling for the camera.

Dickinson wrote she initially thought the snake was “a bit of bark flying from a tree,” but she looked up from her camera to discover the massive snake at Molly’s feet.


“I can’t believe it didn’t touch her!!! Once I was home I checked my camera and found this shot,” she wrote.

Dickinson said she was taking photos of Molly for a children’s clothing label near the spot where her other children catch the bus to school. She said the close encounter should serve as a reminder to be aware of active snakes.

Dickinson said Molly was lucky to escape the eastern brown, considered the second deadliest land snake in the world.

“I checked her for bite marks still,” she told The Wimmera Mail-Times.

2. Florida man struggles with alligator latched onto his boot

A Florida man bass fishing at night ended up having to pry an alligator off his boot while his friends filmed the struggle.

“Oh snap, you’ve got a gator on your foot,” Nino Alvarez recalled a friend telling him while they were out bass fishing last week in a Fort Myers canal.

“I tried to go bass fishing here, and this [expletive] gator is over here, trying to eat me,” Alvarez told WINK-TV. “I don’t even think there’s any more bass here. This guy already ate it all.”

Alvarez posted a video to Facebook showing him attempting to pry the alligator’s jaws off his boot while his friends laugh and film.

He said the alligator started trying to drag him underwater after the video ends, leading him to use his knife on the reptile.

“I feel bad for the gator, but it was either me or it,” he said.

“The only unfortunate thing was a gator lost its life,” Alvarez said. “I think what I could’ve done to prevent it was to use a flashlight.”

Alvarez said the high quality of his boots prevented him from sustaining serious injuries from the alligator bite.

Alvarez reported the incident to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which said it investigates all reports of alligator bites.

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3. Villagers discover dead man in the belly of 23 foot beast

A missing man has been found inside a seven-metre-long python in a remote Indonesian village on the island of west Sulawesi.

The body of the 25-year-old Akbar Salubiro was found in the giant snake’s belly when it was cut.

Neighbours reported cries from the palm grove the night Mr Salubiro went missing, but it wasn’t until the next day when their fears were confirmed.

A spokesman for police in West Sulawesi said.

It is believed Mr Salubiro was swallowed alive after he left his home to harvest palm oil.

But he didn’t get far.

They found the stodged python sprawled out in Akbar’s own back garden on Monday night at 10pm — and feared he had been suffocated and swallowed

When his family became concerned over the missing man’s whereabouts, they spotted the python in Mr Salubiro’s backyard looking a little, well, full.

They found the stodged python sprawled out in Akbar’s own back garden on Monday night at 10pm — and feared he had been suffocated and swallowed.

His body, still intact, was discovered inside the snake after residents sliced open its belly.

The victim was brought out lifeless, News in Colour stated,

As the snake’s body is sliced open, it reveals more and more of the missing man, still clothed.

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