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10 Best War Movie Faces


By Brett Gillin

Cinema is loaded with excellent films depicting just about every aspect of war, but we have a special place in our hearts for a certain aspect of those movies: The war faces. Those are the faces designed to strike fear into the enemies, inspire fellow troops, or say everything necessary without uttering a word. Here are our top 10 war movie faces:

10: Barry Pepper in Saving Private Ryan

10 Barry Pepper Warface - Saving Private Ryan


Photo Credit: YouTube

It tops many lists when it comes to most powerful war movies. Saving Private Ryan is the story of a group of soldiers, tasked with going behind enemy lines just after the landings on Normandy, to rescue a paratrooper whose brothers have all died in battle. In this scene, Barry Pepper’s Private Jackson alternates between barking out orders and enemy locations to delivering prayers while showing off one of the movie’s best war faces.


9: Adam Baldwin in Full Metal Jacket

9 Animal Mother Warface - Full Metal Jacket

 Photo Credit: YouTube

Full Metal Jacket is perhaps one of the best-known movies to deal with the mindset of soldiers both before and during war. Set during the Vietnam War and focusing on Marines through boot camp, then the Tet offensive, one of the film’s most memorable characters has to be Adam Baldwin’s “Animal Mother.” In this scene, and honestly most scenes starring Animal Mother, Baldwin’s infections love for the dramatic and all things macho shines through as he fires from cover into occupied buildings.

8: Lee Marvin in The Dirty Dozen

8. Lee Marvin Warface - The Dirty Dozen

 Photo Credit: YouTube

Instructed to take 12 convicted killers, rapists, and the like, and turn them into fighting machines in order to assassinate German officers in World War II, U.S. Army Major John Reisman assembles The Dirty Dozen. In this scene, Lee Marvin’s Major John Reisman “explains” to his recruit that if he cannot complete his training that he will end up back in prison. Moments later, he adds some extra motivation in the form of gunfire to help his recruit to the top.

7: Nick Nolte in The Thin Red Line




7. Nick Nolte Warface - The Thin Red Line

 Photo Credit: YouTube

The Thin Red Lines tells the story of a pivotal 1943 battle on the Island of Guadalcanal, where American soldiers are trying to break through one of the last lines of resistance by the Japanese. As the fighting continues and the squad gets smaller, the soldiers search for new reasons to fight for their own survival and the other men with them. In this scene, Nick Nolte’s explosive performance shines as he desperately tries to get more reinforcements to attack the front line.

6: Tom Cruise in Taps

Tom Cruise Warface - Taps

 Photo Credit: YouTube

When the Bunker Hill Military Academy is threatened to be shut down and replaced by condo units, a group of young cadets is determined to do anything necessary, including confronting their own, to ensure the survival of the Academy. In this scene, Tom Cruise, in one of his first roles, commandeers a machine gun and begins opening fire on the U.S. National Guard.

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