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Interview With Autistic Teen on Scoring His First Touchdown

Surrounded by his teammates, player with autism talks about scoring his first TD.

What Is Lou Holtz Is Saying In This Clip?

Out of all the confusing things that happened this weekend in football this was definitely the biggest head scratcher. What was fomer coach Lou...

Aaron Rodgers Look-Alike Tom Wrigglesworth Fools Green Bay Fans

And he even gets to meet him at the end!

Best Onside Kick Ever!

Hebron (TX) pulls off one of the more interesting onside kicks you will see against MaxPreps Xcellent 25 team Allen (TX). 10 players bunch...

Extra Point Bounces Off Players Face and Goes Over the Upright

I don't know who's worse: The kicker for not getting the ball up or the defensive player who spent the rest of the game...