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A stroll down mugshot memory lane 2017


Let’s take a trip down Mugshot Memory Lane 2017! Tiger Woods was found in May parked on the side of the road asleep in his car in Palm Beach, Florida. He failed a sobriety test and while he had no alcohol in his system, a toxicology report showed Vicodin, Xanax, Ambien, Dilaudid and THC in his system. He plead guilty and will enter a DUI diversion program. Aaron Carter was arrested in July for a DUI and drug possession charge after he and his then-girlfriend Madison Parker went to an Auto Zone to fix a new tire that went out of alignment and were arrested by cops at the scene for reckless driving. Chief Keef was arrested in April for a DUI after being stopped following a shady moment where Chief Keef’s passenger brought a bag of a “green, leafy” substance to the car behind them. Chief Keef was driving alongside a cup of lean. Stitches was stopped after pulling out of a handicap space at a Miami Whole Foods. He was arrested for felony gun and weed possession. Ricky Williams was arrested in September after he was pulled over for not having a rear license plate only for the cops to discover he had two outstanding traffic warrants. There’s always next year guys!


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