Russia guiding public on how to avoid ‘Death by Selfie’

Russia guiding public on how to avoid ‘Death by Selfie’

We all want our social media posts to get as many likes as possible, but some thrill seekers have taken their search for the perfect selfie to the extreme.

In the wake of a string of deaths in Russia, the country’s police force is now advocating for people to take ‘safe selfies.’

They are warning the public of a new danger: “Death by selfie,” according to CNN.

According to Russian news media, this year alone, there have been more than 10 deaths and about 100 accidents from people in dangerous poses, trying to get a “cool selfie.”

The Russian interior ministry is handing out a two-page guide to students and the general public which states, “A cool selfie can cost you your life.”

The brochure features infographics resembling road signs based on actual incidents — such as the case of a 21-year-old who accidentally shot herself in the head and a teenager who died while trying to capture a shot of herself on the railroad tracks.

Other dangerous situations the brochure warns against are taking selfies with animals, on rooftops and with exposed live wires.

One Russian official said at a recent press conference, “We would like to remind the citizens that the chase for ‘likes’ in social networks can lead to the road of death.”


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