Road rage incident gets physical, punches thrown

Road rage incident gets physical, punches thrown

MARICOPA – The temperature wasn’t the only thing that became heated this week. So were the tempers of two men driving on State Route 347 who were involved in a road rage incident.

The incident occurred Monday at 3:30 p.m. at the intersection of Smith-Enke Road and State Route 347. In a video, a man from a small sedan gets out of his car and approaches a white SUV. He then breaks the driver’s-side window and starts hitting the driver.

After the man returns to his car, the driver from the white SUV gets out of his car and smashes the back windshield of the sedan with a tire iron.

The two men involved in the incident were Holden Elsea in the SUV and James Kingery in the sedan. On Facebook, Elsea said he was in no way justified in bashing someone’s window but said most people wouldn’t take hits to the face and get a car window broken out and do nothing.

“Everyone reacts differently in times like this, and nobody understands or actually knows what they’d do until they’re in such position,” he wrote.

Elsea said due to the incident, he received seven stitches in his arm. He did apologize for any inconvenience or fear he caused in the community.

It is unclear what happened before this to cause the incident.

The Maricopa Police Department said both parties have declined to press charges. Both men were charged with disorderly conduct, however, by engaging in fighting, which resulted in obstructing the flow of traffic on a highway and disturbing the peace of several citizens. These charges will go to the city prosecutor for review and charging on behalf of the state.

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