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‘The reason you drink’: Parents give their son’s teachers a most intoxicating gift


Jake Sommers just graduated from being “that kid” at school to teacher’s pet.

His parents gave his teachers at Ascension School in Kettering, Ohio personalized bottles of white wine for Christmas.

The labels have a picture of 14-year-old Jake and this message: “Our child might be the reason you drink so enjoy this bottle on us.”

“How many coffee mugs does a teacher need,” Mary Sommers, Jake’s mom, told the Dayton Daily News. “But who doesn’t need a glass of wine after teaching a kid like mine?”

She’s kidding, folks.

The gift has gone viral thanks to Jake’s brother, DJ, a sophomore at Ohio State University, who tweeted photos of the bottles this week. Ten of Jake’s teachers received a bottle, according to DJ.

“My parents always get our elementary school teachers a present around Christmas,” he wrote. “Typically something small like a candle or flower to say thank you. This year they got them bottles of wine & replaced the labels with their own with my brother on them …”

It’s not that Jake is a bad kid, Sommers told the Daily News. He’s just “that kid,” she said, adding that she had the same, uh, reputation when she went to the same school.

In fact, all three of the Sommers children – including Jake’s older sister, Sarah – have attended the Catholic school where Jake is in his final year.

“I think they’ll be happy to have the Sommers family out of that school,” Sommers joked to Buzzfeed.

She said her son is more the school clown than class clown.

“I guess my teachers deserve” the wine, Jake told the Daily News.

Judging from the viral response to DJ’s tweet – it has scooped up more than 38,000 likes – Sommers and her husband, Paul, have just given one of the best teacher gifts ever, or at the very least one that won’t end up stashed in a closet.

Wine for teacher, in fact, appears to be a growing gift trend.

Skip the apple. Go for the grape.

“The teachers deserve the wine, that’s all I’m going to say,” Sommers told Buzzfeed. “None of the teachers were shocked by it.”

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