Secret Service apprehended woman for crashing vehicle into White House

A passenger vehicle struck a security barrier outside the White House on Friday, putting the president's residence on “lockdown” and prompting Secret Service personnel to spring into action.

NYPD cop fired for meth, lawyer claims he was exposed to...

A NYPD cop whose nickname is “Legs” was fired for taking methamphetamines — but his lawyer said police relied on a bogus test that can’t tell the difference between a drug user and someone who is accidentally exposed to drugs.

Senator throws back a couple of drinks before 8 am presentation...

A Utah senator had two mimosas after breakfast at the state capitol in an effort to delay Utah’s .05 percent Blood-Alcohol law. Senator Jim Dabakis...

Students return to class after 7th-grader who shot himself dies

An 8-year-old boy took a semi-automatic handgun to his elementary school, telling authorities after it was discovered that he was scared of being hurt by another student.

Despite long odds, some drivers do outrun police pursuits — but...

LOS ANGELES - For a few moments Tuesday night, it looked like a pickup driver had finally done what so many other car chase suspects could not: elude police during a high-speed pursuit.

Soccer player beats opposing team’s ball boy for celebrating goal

Even teams from the smallest soccer clubs take their rivalries very seriously.

Epidemic: Addict gets heroin delivery in hospital room while recovering from...

A Virginia man who was saved by first responders after overdosing on heroin was recovering in an Alexandria, Virginia hospital when less than 24 hours later he overdosed again.

Fearless grandma shoots semi-automatic rifle with ease

"This was probably one of the best days of my life. I've said it before, I'll say it again, my grandma is better than yours..."

Woman accidentally shoots husband during brawl with neighbor

A Detroit woman was arrested after shooting her husband in the leg during a dispute with a neighbor...