Muscular man lifts bricks with his EYELIDS standing on nails, bends iron...

Muscular man lifts bricks with his EYELIDS standing on nails, bends iron rods with his teeth

An expert thrill seeker has shown how he wows swarms with wild tricks that cause queasy observers to turn away with sickening apprehension.

Strongman Ghulam Farooq lifts blocks with his eyelids while remaining on nails and can twist an iron pole utilizing only his teeth.

The 32-year-old, who can likewise utilize his jaws to pull a minibus stacked with travelers, claims he has aced more than 50 stunts that either debilitate his life or some piece of his body.

His unimaginable quality and daring way to deal with his specialty have given him the moniker “Jaws of Iron”.

Ghulam, from Pakistan, stated: I cherish doing tricks and this is the main thing I am great at that is the reason I made it my calling. It is truly a cakewalk for me.”


It was about 10 years back that the father-of-four, got snared on tricks subsequent to observing just activity pressed projects on TV.

He sought after his energy and was coached by a veteran stand-in, Ustad Sher Jan Baloch.

Ghulam is very certain about his abilities and is planning to discover fame.

He stated: “I can improve stunts than the doubles do on TV appears. I am quite recently searching for a stage.

“I am the best stand in entire of Pakistan. Nobody else than me can do these outrageous tricks easily.

“Be it a truck keep running over my head or lifting four kilograms of block with my eyelids, I can perform such tricks without even a scratch.”


Ghulam, who has opened a preparation program where he helps adolescents learn stunts, said his definitive wish is to end up distinctly the most grounded man on the planet.

For his next trick he anticipates pulling two planes with his teeth.

He stated: “I have attempted the vast majority of the destructive tricks at this point yet my point is to draw two planes with my jaw. I need to make a Guinness Book of World Records.

“That is my fantasy. It is not generally simple but rather the measure of diligent work I do, I am certain I would soon accomplish my objective.”

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