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Man turns home into Winter PUNderland for Christmas


Kyle Gunderson has taken his love for puns up a notch this holiday season.

Along with his wife, Cori, the 29-year-old real estate marketing director took a different approach with his Christmas display, choosing to adorn the front of his two-story Costa Mesa home with clever quips as decor.

His garage door reads “Winter PUNderland” with the letters of the alphabet hanging above.

If you look close, you’ll catch the first of 10 puns. The letter “L” is missing. What could it mean? “No-el” of course.

“That’s one of my favorites,” Gunderson said.

Others include The Rock — Dwayne Johnson — poking out from behind a tree. You guessed it: “Rock Around the Christmas Tree.”

How do you describe a row of candy with a photo of English actor Michael Caine? Candy Caines. A medieval knight stands near the doorway using his finger to show the universal sign for shushing for “Silent Knight.”

Gunderson said his inspiration for the unique holiday display came from years of incorporating puns into his work in real estate.

For Halloween, he convinced co-workers at the Newport Beach firm where he works to dress as various styles of homes.

“I wore a fish onesie and wore a cape, so I was Cape Cod,” he said, referring to the cozy, cottage-style brand of homes first developed in New England. “It got a really good reaction and brought a lot of happiness it seems.”

Soon after Halloween, Gunderson said, he began planning the holiday display. Some of the puns he thought of himself and others he found online.
Cori helped, weeding out some of the less desirable ones, Gunderson said.

His love for puns came at an early age through the influence of his father, Dave Gunderson, and his grandfather.

Father and son routinely dish out puns during family get-togethers, Gunderson said, drawing the occasional joking eye-roll from his wife.

“It’s been pretty much (part of me) my whole life and I’ve picked up on them more than ever since going into real estate, because I needed to bring some fun and humor into it,” he said, adding he once wore a crow costume with an “S” on his chest. “That stood for escrow.”

The PUNderland display has drawn interest, if not intrigue, from neighbors.

“I saw one say to another, ‘Don’t tell me, I want to guess this one,'” Gunderson said. “One said it must be a millennial thing.”

He plans to save the decorations and possibly use them at his father’s Balboa Island home next year, citing the attention it would receive because of the high foot traffic in the area.

“He has no limits to his puns so he’ll add all the cheesy ones that I didn’t quite get to,” Gunderson said.

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