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Hit-and-run victim immediately attacked by culprits


An Oklahoma man barley dodged becoming a hit-and-run victim but was lucky enough to catch the incident occur on camera.

John Campo says he has been driving with a dash camera in his truck for five years, a decision he made after witnessing poor driving on the roads.

On January 19, he never expected he would record the hit-and-run accident and the assault that occurred afterward.

“I’m still kind of in shock over the whole deal myself. I’ve never seen anything like that,” Campo told News4.

Campo was traveling through an intersection when a black SUV speed through the intersection, striking a white car in front of him.

The victim, 69-year-old James McIninch, followed the assailant into a mobile home park in hopes of exchanging car insurance information.

As soon as he pulled behind the SUV, a man and woman ran from the black SUV, opened his door and starting hitting him.

McIninch was able to put his car in reverse and get away from his attackers.  He escaped the incident with only a cut on his right hand and bruises on his left arm.

Campo was able to capture the whole incident on his camera and hopes the video leads to the arrest of the two attackers.

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