Florida man’s mugshots show dramatic transformation

Florida man’s mugshots show dramatic transformation

Robert Hardister is wanted in North Carolina for the relatively low key offense of parole violation, but he’s getting national after officials in Florida posted a distinctive mugshot that shows he’s had some work done since leaving the Tar Heel state.

Ear to ear tattoos.

Hardister, 25, was arrested Sunday in St. Augustine Beach, Florida, for being in possession of a stolen vehicle, reports WTLV. He’s charged with car theft and is being held on an out-of-state fugitive warrant.

Media outlets are reporting he’s from Stuart, Florida, and it is unclear when he left North Carolina to head back.

Newspapers and Web sites around the world are following his ongoing legal issues, for obvious reasons. (He was found guilty in North Carolina of being an habitual felon.)

Hardister was arrest last year in Jupiter, Florida, and charged with stealing a car (he told police he borrowed it). Days later, the Palm Beach Post devoted an entire story to his ever changing facial tattoos, comparing his mugshots over the years.

The Sun in the United Kingdom had a bit of fun at Hardister’s expense when it noted: “…has been arrested plenty of times, but police still have trouble keeping up with his ever-changing face.”

London’s Daily Mail marveled that Hardister’s ‘crazy’ tattoos include a wall around his neck that is itself covered in graffiti.

His a lengthy record in North Carolina dates to 2008, and shows he was found guilty of car theft, breaking and entering, and being a habitual felon, records show. His home addresses during that period were in the Garner and Cary communities of North Carolina.

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