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Florida man calls 911 to report drunk driver, HIMSELF


Usually radio chatter between police officers is off the record. What’s said on the airwaves is long gone after it’s spoken.

But one Florida sheriff’s office has decided to share their LOL moment – or should we say, their LOTO moment.

“We couldn’t help but LOTO (that means we Laughed Our Tasers Off),” wrote the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook. They topped off the post with the hashtag #CrazyCriminalStories.

The Sheriff’s Office went on to eagerly introduce Michael Lester of Winter Haven — a small city east of Tampa. Their story begins on New Year’s Eve, when Lester decided to call in a drunk driver – himself.

“If you need to take a second to re-read that sentence, to let it sink in, we’ll wait,” the deputies said in their post. “Good? Alright, let us proceed.”

According to deputies, Lester called 911, told the dispatcher he was driving drunk and needed to be pulled over.

The dispatcher kept Lester talking and eventually got him to pull over. Shortly after, deputies arrived at his location.

“Fortunately, Michael was stopped before anyone got hurt. Michael first told the deputy he had only two beers (standard drunk answer). Then he changed it to three or four (slightly more
accurate),” the post said. “He also mentioned that he had only slept four hours in the past four days. Oh, and he also said that he had swallowed meth earlier, instead of smoking it.”

Later in the social media post, deputies segue into the 911 audio, calling it “quite entertaining.”

“Please folks, let this be a lesson to you that DUI is bad-bad-bad, because unfortunately, Michael is having a hard time learning this lesson.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, it’s not Lester’s first run-in with the law. Deputies say he has a previous DUI, as well as convictions for aggravated battery, drug possession, disorderly conduct and hit and run.

“The Polk County Sheriff’s Office had thirty DUI arrests in the month of December. Special thanks to Michael Lester, for throwing himself under the bus as No. 30 (we love round numbers),” the Sheriff’s Office said in the post. “At least Michael wasn’t involved in a crash, and lived to see another day (and maybe he’ll see this Facebook post too. Hi, Michael!)”

Lester was charged with DUI, driving on the wrong side of the road, improper use of the center lane and no seat belt.

The deputies’ post ended with the hashtags #Hello911ImHammered, #SomebodyGetThisGuySomeBandAids and #HeMethedUpBad.


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