Family finds 9-foot alligator on enclosed porch Easter morning

Family finds 9-foot alligator on enclosed porch Easter morning

It’s that time of the year again in the Lowcountry when alligators are found scrambling in strange places and scaring the heck out of residents in the process.

It happened again in the early hours of Easter. A Mount Pleasant family woke up to a terrifying Easter surprise: An alligator crawling on their second-story porch.

According to WCBD, Steve Polston came upon a 9-foot alligator that had busted through a screen door and moved furniture around the porch. The animal climbed a 15-foot staircase to get to the porch.

The family called DNR and an official had to euthanize the alligator because it could not be moved, according to the Post and Courier.

State law requires alligators trapped after being a nuisance to be killed. Since relocation is not an option, when an alligator is “removed,” it is killed by a licensed alligator specialist, according to DNR.

South Carolina alligators move more in the springtime, as they make their way into warmer waters after hibernating during the winter and their movement patterns change as it gets closer to mating season. Last year, an alligator rang a doorbell, and one really big guy fell asleep on a porch.

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