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Deadly snake found hiding in Australian child’s lunchbox


SYDNEY – One of the world’s deadliest snakes has been found hiding in a child’s lunchbox in a town in the state of South Australia, local media reported Tuesday.

The child’s mother was preparing food at home in Hahndorf when she found the juvenile eastern brown snake hiding in the lunchbox’s lid, snake catcher Rolly Burrell from the nearby state capital of Adelaide told ABC Radio.

“Not really what you expect to see when you check if your child ate their fruit,” Burrell captioned a photo of the snake on his Facebook page.

“She had already started packing it… she didn’t even see it and she was halfway through putting the lunch in and then she saw it and shut the lid down and gave us a call,” Burrell told the ABC, adding that the snake was removed without incident.

A baby brown snake is just as lethal as a full grown one, Burrell said.

He said snakes tend to get into enclosed spaces so they feel secure, adding he had received an unusually high number of calls this summer.

“We’re doing about 50, 60 calls a day and they’re all baby brown snakes,” he said, adding it was the highest number in past 40 years.

The species is prevalent across Australia’s eastern coast and inland. According to coroner’s data released last year, the snakes have been responsible for 23 deaths since 2000.

Earlier this month, an Australian schoolgirl found a juvenile red-bellied black snake, which is venomous but not deadly, sliding across her hand when she opened her backpack for lunch in Brisbane.


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