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Chinese stunt artist plummets to death from 62-story skyscraper


China’s first daredevil roof-runner is dead after he literally fell from grace while performing a stunt atop a 62-floor building.

26-year-old Wu Yongning -a Chinese daredevil known for having more guts than sense- ascended the Huayuan International Center in Changsha on November 8, performing pushups off the ledge at the top of a building in order to raise 80,000 RMB as a wedding bribe to the family of his girlfriend (identified as Jin Jin), as he was planning to propose to her.

Photo: Weibo

However, not all went as planned. While live-streaming the event on a website known as “Volcano” (where he gets his funding for the stunts), Wu lost his grip and fell 45 feet onto a terrace below.

After not hearing from her boyfriend for a short time, Jin attempted to contact Wu, but to no avail. Despite her initial apprehension (due to the illegal nature of her boyfriend’s stunts), she notified the police at the Tianxin District Police station.

Photo: Weibo

According to China News, his body was later discovered by a window cleaner. Police ruled out foul play, confirming their suspicions with video footage found at the scene where Wu fell.

Prior to his death, Wu made his living by acting as an extra in local films and performing stunts.

In his heyday of performing live shows, he said of himself: “Life has ups and downs! Why do I still fall?”

Photo: Weibo

Ironically, his parents never knew about his stunt work until after he had died, despite him having disposable income to buy his parents nice things.


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