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Charity under investigation for sex parties with Haitian earthquake survivors


British charity Oxfam is being accused of paying survivors of the Hati earthquake for sex, reportedly participating in lavish sex parties that may or may not have involved underage girls.

Three employees were allowed to resign and four were fired in the aftermath of an internal inquiry, which was initiated to determine whether or not the downtrodden citizens of Hati -which was ravaged by an earthquake in 2010- were used as paid sex workers to satisfy Oxfam employees.

While separate claims have been made regarding the subject, one such source claimed that employees organized a “full-on Caligula orgy,” complete with girls in Oxfam t-shirts. Video footage was allegedly taken, though Oxfam claims no recordings were ever handed over for investigation.

According to the Daily Mail, Oxfam has determined that the notion of underage prostitutes cannot be ruled out.

Since the aforementioned incident in 2011, Oxgam has had several cases of allegations of sexual exploitation, including over 87 cases from 2016 to 2017.

Oxfam has responded to the allegations, claiming that they have looked into the incidents and will continue to work to prevent such atrocities from happening.

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