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Canadian man’s snow car tricks police, gets ‘ticket’


MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada – Cold temperatures and more than a foot of snow seems to have enhanced the sense of humor up north.

According to WGCL Channel 46, Simon Laprise of Montreal decided to take advantage of more than 1 foot of snow Sunday by creating a sculpture of a DeLorean DMC-12 in the street in front of his house.

The results were very good … good enough to fool police, who arrived with the intent to ticket what they thought was an illegally parked vehicle.

Upon closer inspection they realized the DeLorean wasn’t going anywhere … but the officers still decided to issue a “ticket,” Global News reports.

The ticket, left under a branch meant to be a wiper blade, read “Vous avez fait notre soiree!” which translates to “You made our night!” The officers added “HAHAHAHAHA;),” which needs no translation.

Laprise was trying to fool the city’s snow plows with his sculpture. The plow drivers apparently didn’t see the humor in the car as it was pulverized later that night, reports say.


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