Angry husband pursuing revenge fills wife’s car with cement

Angry husband pursuing revenge fills wife’s car with cement

An odd video from Russia demonstrates a man filling his better half’s car with concrete after she clearly changed her surname to win a prize at a nearby store. A video shared on YouTube demonstrates the car being loaded with cement in front of a store in St Petersburg, Russia. The clasp has since turned into a web sensation and gathered more than 2.1 million views up until this point. Footage in the video shows a cement truck filling the front of a car with cement while a few people clicked pictures and recorded it.

The lady had apparently changed her surname to win 50,000 Russian Roubles (about $877.83 USD) for a contest set up by the nearby store. It obliged individuals to legitimately change their name to the store’s name “Verny” which means steadfast.

Reports assert the couple was having a rough time in the marriage and the lady’s choice to change her name just made more issues.

“Morons are many, but this is the most moronic moron,” says one commenter in Russian on the YouTube video.

“In the case of everything was genuine, then the question is: why live with such a thing? Surname has officially changed. What remains is to change her better half,” says another. Numerous others assert the video itself could be a trick by the store. Why don’t you take a look at it and tell us what you think?

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