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Air inside Frat house triggers police breathalyzer


Authorities in Bethesda, Md., busted an off-campus frat party this week where, they say, even the air had booze in it.

The party’s six hosts face 126 counts each of allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to minors.

The party was reportedly billed on Facebook as “Tequila Tuesday Hoy a las 22:00.”

About 70 people were at the party in a modest, split-level home, hosted by six members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at American University, according to WJLA in Washington, D.C.

Neighbors called the cops to complain about the loud music pouring from the house. The house was trashed, according to court documents obtained by the TV station.

And, the partiers drank so much booze that the air inside the house registered a .01 on a police department Breathalyzer, according to Montgomery County Police.

In Maryland, a driver with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher is driving under the influence.

In January 2016, two other American University students threw an off-campus frat party that ended with police issuing alcohol citations to more than 100 underage drinkers, CBS News reported.

At that party – where the alcohol flowed so freely beer seeped into the basement through the ceiling — the ambient air registered .09, legally drunk, on a Breathalyzer.

At the party this week, police found windows covered up with insulation and trash bags, beer cans and liquor bottles littered throughout. The basement floor was sticky, coated with alcohol.

The partygoers scattered like rats off a sinking ship when the cops arrived.

One jumped out of a second-story window. Eight others locked themselves in a bathroom to hide.

Officers set up a Breathalyzer station outside. Many of the partiers were underage – 17, 18, 19, 20, the police said.

The six guys who told police they lived at the house, all 20 years old, each face up to $315,000 in fines. They reportedly refused to say where they got all the booze.

Several of the partygoers said they would never go to a frat party again.


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