San Francisco police involved in brawl

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San Francisco police involved in brawl
Image from video, below. Credit: KTVU Oakland

San Francisco police were involved in a brawl at Valencia Gardens. The public housing residents now claim it was a case of police brutality. There have been protests near the police station.

The arrest of D’Paris Charles Williams appears to have started the brawl, according to CBS. Other people who lived in the same complex as Williams began to argue with police and the brawl began. Residents claim D’Paris Charles Williams was beaten by police officers, and they were trying to help. Police argue he was trying to run away from him, and they had to use force.

Some video footage from the incident has been released. It shows part of the brawl and residents fighting with police. Police can also be seen punching people. However, the San Francisco police department shares this video does not show the entire incident and is missing crucial scenes.

The San Francisco police chief states that he wants officers to have more cameras. He believes that it would show the reality of the incident and reveal the truth behind many crimes. Officers will be wearing more cameras soon.

The police department has a different view of what happened during the arrest of D’Paris Charles Williams. They state that Williams refused to cooperate and actually bit an officer. Then, other residents from Valencia Gardens became involved, and the fighting became more intense.

Residents argue that there was police brutality during the brawl, and innocent bystanders were hurt. They are now protesting the brawl at the police station and want justice. Several other people were arrested the same night as D’Paris Charles Williams for fighting with police.

The police chief believes more cameras would have prevented the controversy. He points out there is missing footage from the video that does not show how D’Paris Charles Williams was approached by the officer. The video only shows the ending with his arrest. This means there is missing information from the video that people are not able to see.

The use of cameras among more San Francisco police officers may actually reduce the number of complaints about police brutality. Previous studies have shown that complaints tend to go down. More officers will be getting the cameras within the next month, and San Francisco hopes to continue to expand the program. It wants these types of situations prevented. A camera would show video footage of the entire incident and not selected parts.


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