Police reveal new details about Eden Prairie highway shooting

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Police reveal new details about Eden Prairie highway shooting
The scene on Eden Prairie highway where a couple was shot after refusing to drop a knife. Image from video, below. Credit: myfoxtwincities.com/myfox9

Police have just revealed new details about the Eden Prairie highway shooting in Minnesota that led to two deaths after a chase. Officers shot and killed two people because they had a knife and refused to follow directions to drop it. The police officers involved in the shooting are still on leave as the department continues to investigate the case.

Matthew V. Serbus and Dawn M. Pfister took the police on a chase after stealing a car, according to WISN Milwaukee. The couple only stopped the vehicle after it crashed because police had put spikes down to destroy the tires. After the couple exited the vehicle, police state that the male suspect had a knife in his hands, and they were forced to shoot him. Despite seeing her companion shot, the female suspect grabbed the knife and was also shot.

There were four officers, Sgt. Brady Juell, Trent Wurtz, Mark Lund and Cpl. Nathan Mueller, involved in the shooting, and all of them remain on leave. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the police department are looking into the case amid accusations of excessive force. The families of Matthew V. Serbus and Dawn M. Pfister are also asking questions about why the couple was killed.

Friends explain that Matthew V. Serbus and Dawn M. Pfister were not the type of people who would harm police, and they are shocked to learn that they have been killed after a police chase. Friends add that the knife was a camping knife, so it did not pose a major threat. They are left questioning the officers’ actions and wonder if tasering the suspects would have been a better option.

Matthew V. Serbus and Dawn M. Pfister had tried to steal vehicles in the past, and Serbus has a long criminal record that also includes drug addiction. The couple was actually coming back to Minnesota to deal with pending charges, and friends claim they were interested in starting over. Unfortunately, the theft of another vehicle and chase ended their dreams.

Investigators will continue to examine the actions of the four police officers to determine if the shooting was correct. Meanwhile, the family and friends of Matthew V. Serbus and Dawn M. Pfister are forced to wait for answers without the ability to do anything. They have planned a memorial for the couple to serve as a means for closure.



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