New York State troopers get new SUVs to fight texting drivers

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New York State troopers get new SUVs to fight texting drivers
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New York State troopers are getting new SUVs to help them fight texting while driving. The troopers are getting 32 new vehicles that will allow them to see if drivers are illegally texting. Since the SUVs are tall, they can look down on other cars.

The troopers in New York will be using new techniques to catch drivers who are texting, according to the Associated Press. They will be relying on tall SUVs to let them look inside other people’s cars. Troopers point out it is not always easy to catch someone texting because they could be holding the phone low. They would miss the chance of catching this type of person.

The troopers will be issuing tickets to violators. Drivers in New York are not allowed to text at the wheel. If they are caught, then they must pay a fine. Their driver’s license also gets penalty points. The state has made the texting laws tougher to discourage this dangerous practice.

In New York, troopers have already written 5,000 tickets for texting while driving. The state is also creating Texting Zones to encourage drivers to pull over and text if it is important. The goal is to reduce accidents and fatalities from distracted drivers concentrating on their phones.

The state troopers have started to use the SUVs to catch drivers. They do not always give tickets. Sometimes drivers are fortunate to receive a warning. However, the troopers are hoping to educate the public and stop them from texting.

Texting while driving is a dangerous trend that is not limited to teens. Although younger generations are often blamed for the problem, older generations are often stopped by police for the same problem. During a routine drive, New York State troopers found several adults texting while driving. Each one had an excuse for the behavior that did not sound serious.

The SUVs may seem like an odd way to catch people breaking the law, but the troopers share it is not easy to notice texting without them. In a taller vehicle, they can simply look down and see the drivers using their phones to text. In a sedan, the driver can hold the phone lower and completely avoid detection. Troopers hope that drivers take these issues seriously. Every year, texting causes accidents that could be prevented. They recommend that drivers put down their phones and concentrate on the road. Texting can wait.


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