Fearcrusher Robert Lundy

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Fearcrusher Robert Lundy
The scene at a Perry, Florida car dealership where Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Lundy shot and killed Earl Clague after he opened fire on employees and customers. Image from video, below. Credit: WCTV Tallahassee

By Brett Gillin

Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Lundy was in the right place at the right time, at least from the perspective of the lives he no doubt saved last week when a gunman opened fire at a car dealership. Now, Robert Lundy is recovering from his scary injuries and a town is more than thankful to have protectors and Fearcrushers like Lundy looking out for them on a daily basis.

Deputy Robert Lundy took his police cruiser in to the Timberland Ford dealership last week to get it serviced while he was on duty. While he was waiting for his cruiser to get serviced, a man crashed his car through the front of the dealership, exited the car, and began firing a shotgun at the citizens gathered at the dealership according to this report from the Tallahassee Democrat.

The man who crashed his car and opened fire was 51 year old Earl Edward Clague, an employee of the dealership. It is not known what his motivation was for his actions, but what is known is that Deputy Robert Lundy’s actions certainly saved many lives. After Clague crashed his Nissan truck through the front of the dealership, he got out with a Remington 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun in his hands and began opening fire.

Lundy immediately sprang into action, radioing in that shots had been fired. Clague continued shooting, wounding two employees in the process. Lundy took out his pistol, approached Clague, and fired.

Lundy shot and killed Clague, but not before Clague was able to turn the shotgun on Lundy and fire. Lundy was hit by a shotgun blast at less than five feet away, sending pellets through his abdomen, liver, colon and lower intestine.

Lundy was not wearing a bulletproof vest. According to what his wife, Kelly Lundy, told the Democrat, he did not wear the vest due to back problems that he had been suffering from. “He knew that he did not have one. He was brave enough to stand up and to that.”

Indeed, Lundy was brave enough that even with the knowledge that a man was firing a shotgun at civilians and he did not have protection, it was his decision to step into the line of fire to stop these horrible actions before they could get any worse.

Lundy was rushed to the hospital, along with the two other employees who had been shot and several other employees who were hit with flying glass and complaining of chest pains. Lundy was placed into a medically induced coma, and has since stabilized. He remains in critical, but stable condition after being transferred from Doctors Memorial Hospital to Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida.

Thanks to the actions of Lundy, everyone that Clague shot is expected to survive the attack, and Clague will not be able to harm anyone else in the future. For his heroic actions, the 32 year old, 10 year veteran Deputy Robert Lundy is our Fearcrusher this week.


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