Dumb criminal of the week: Nathan Meunch

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Dumb criminal of the week: Nathan Meunch
Nathan Meunch. Image credit: facebook

By Brett Gillin

It takes a special kind of person to be a criminal. Traits like the lack of a conscience, ability to fool oneself and others into crazy justifications for their actions, and a general kind of gusto are common among most criminals while intelligence is not often a defining characteristic. In this week’s article, we take a look at a couple of guys who thought they had a genius way to pull off some insurance fraud. As it turns out, they were dumber than a couple blocks of ice.

It’s winter time, and most places around the U.S. are starting to show signs of cooling off dramatically. So at The Bright thought that we’d dedicate this week’s dumb criminal story to someone who was clearly in the winter spirit all along. Meet 29-year-old Nathan Meunch. Allegedly, Mr. Meunch needed some fast cash and decided that committing some heavy-duty insurance fraud was the best way to get it. So he hatched a plan that couldn’t possibly make sense to anyone with half-a-brain in their heads. But as we’ve seen, having half-a-brain would be an improvement for most of these criminals.

Nathan Meunch allegedly decided that he was going to try to ship some iPads through the mail. Then, once they didn’t make it to their destination, he could go ahead and put in a $4,000 insurance claim, collect, and all would be well in the world. Since Meunch clearly didn’t have $4,000 worth of iPads laying around to have “accidentally” lost through the mail, he came up with the next closest simile he could think of: blocks of ice.

Yes, Nathan Meunch packaged a block of ice inside a box, brought it to the post office, insured it, and went about his merry way, most likely thinking he was a criminal mastermind. But when you examine the process, you can see a few areas that didn’t quite add up.

First, according to the postal workers, Nathan waled into the post office soaking wet. When the postal employee asked what happened, he told her it was raining outside. Even though it clearly wasn’t. Okay, so his string of genius continued when Nathan “forgot” his return address. When he was asked, he simply couldn’t remember. That’ll raise the red-flag of even the most green of postal workers. But they went ahead and shipped the heavily insured package anyway.

About an hour later, another postal worker noticed something strange. A pool of water underneath Nathan’s package. A little investigation showed that the iPads were actually just blocks of ice. Not wanting to usurp their duties, the postal workers delivered the package anyway. When a couple days later the insurance claim was filed, police quickly nabbed Nathan Meunch, charged him with insurance fraud, and called it a day.


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