U.S. Air Force will get laser cannons

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U.S. Air Force will get laser cannons
YAL-1A Airborne Laser in flight with the mirror unstowed.. Image credit: US Missile Defense Agency

The U.S. Air Force will get laser cannons by 2030. New reports indicate that progress is being made in this field and future jets will have lasers. There are already comparisons to Star Wars circulating online.

The future of the Air Force jets will include laser cannons, according to Business Insider. The U.S. military has been working on the concept. Although it will not be ready for a while, pilots in 2030 will probably have lasers on board.

The lasers will feature defense and offense capabilities. The weapons will come in three types and will have different uses. One will be used to blind enemies while the other will be used as defense. The third will act as offense and destroy enemies.

The United States Air Force is working and looking for weapons that meet its requirements. By 2014, it wants to find lasers that are essentially put together but not tested. Then, lab work will commence to improve and test the systems. By 2022, it wants to be able to start real testing for the weapons.

The laser cannons would ideally be able to stop enemy jets or missiles. They would be versatile and easy to control. Pilots would have new systems to learn, but the Air Force believes they can handle it. Lasers would transform how the military fights in the air.

The U.S. Air Force is not the only military branch working on lasers. The Navy is also working on one that will be used on ships. Other branches may be secretly working on their own projects. It is clear the United States military is interested in laser weapons.

Although it may seem like science fiction, the Air Force is serious about lasers. Their potential use as weapons would open new areas for the military. There have been previous experiments with lasers. However, the Air Force is interested in new technology and is inviting companies to send their proposals.

The comparisons to Star Wars have already filled some social networks. Laser technology reminds many people of the popular movies, but it is not something that will only stay on the screen. Lasers are set to become real weapons for the military in the future. The concentration of several military branches on the lasers reveals they are taking this very seriously and want results. In the future, Air Force jets will have laser cannons that have multiple uses.



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