Pentagon wants to close all U.S. military commissaries

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Pentagon wants to close all U.S. military commissaries
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The Pentagon wants to close all the U.S. military commissaries. It explains the move would help with sequestration, and it would not affect commissaries outside of the country. The Defense Commissary Agency director believes the changes will be necessary.

Commissaries in the U.S. are in danger of being shut down, according to the Department of Defense. Budget concerns and sequestration mean that cuts will have to be made, and commissaries are on the list. Although this is not a final decision, there are already debates about closing them in the future.

U.S. commissaries remain a popular shopping choice for the military, yet they are at risk of being closed. This will not have an impact on stores in other parts of the world since troops depend heavily on them. However, the United States offers troops and their families many other shopping options without the problem of language barriers.

A meeting to discuss this important decision is in the works. Closing the commissaries in the United States could save up to $900 million. However, opposition to the idea is prevalent. President Barack Obama has already spoken out against the option of closing the commissaries.

Commissaries give military families important discounts. Since many members of the military are on the low end of wages, they depend on these savings. In addition, they have already been affected by cuts in SNAP. Unfortunately, many working members of the military have also been depending on SNAP to meet their needs due to low incomes.

The decision would affect 180 stores in the United States. Officials state money from the commissaries would be used for troop readiness and other important programs. Essentially, it would go back into the budget for other needs. Maintenance, upgrades and weapons would benefit during the process.

There have been other proposals on the table that would save commissaries in the United States, but they have their side effects. Some of the options include increasing prices, selling things at a higher profit and increasing surcharges. None of these ideas are very popular.

The potential closure of U.S. commissaries has upset many military families. On average, they tend to save 30 percent by using these stores. As other cuts are being made, military families are facing even more hardships. Commissaries are an easy target for closure since they would immediately result in savings. However, military members are urging officials to consider the consequences.



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