Navy sailor marries in airport after deployment

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Navy sailor marries in airport after deployment
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A Navy sailor got married in an airport after his deployment. Dylan Ruffer married Madison Meinhardt in an unusual airport ceremony. The sailor and his new bride shared it was a great wedding.

Dylan Ruffer’s wedding was inside the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, according to ABC News. The Navy sailor had spent 11 months on deployment and married his high school sweetheart in a unique ceremony and had a reception at the airport immediately after returning home.

Dylan Ruffer and Madison Meinhardt had wanted a wedding for months. However, his deployment interfered with their plans. Nevertheless, the couple found a way to get married during the six days he has been given as leave. Instead of wasting time, they opted for a fast ceremony at the airport.

The Navy sailor and his bride are both 19 years old. Family members and close friends were invited to the ceremony. As soon as Dylan Ruffer landed at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, he was greeted by the wedding party. The wedding ceremony took place in one of the airport terminals. Ruffer had just stepped off the plane, but he quickly became a married man.

The ceremony may have been fast, but the airport made sure it was spectacular. Reno-Tahoe International Airport put in a lot of effort to make the wedding memorable. Dylan Ruffer and Madison Meinhardt had 150 guests at the wedding. In addition to letting them use a terminal for the ceremony, the airport gave them space in baggage claims for a complete reception. The guests enjoyed cake, buffet and other refreshments. As they danced and ate, some of them seemed to forget they were in an airport.

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport donated the food for the reception. Dylan Ruffer and Madison Meinhardt admit they would not have been able to afford the wedding without this help. The entire ceremony was made possible through donations. Everything from flowers to the band was free for the couple. They shared it was the perfect way to celebrate.

The Navy sailor is only staying home for six days because his leave is short. He will be returning to work soon. However, the couple and the families are grateful for the wedding. Without all the outside help, the couple may have continued to postpone it. The airline also helped. United Airlines made sure Dylan Ruffer’s flight was not late, so he would not miss his own wedding.



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