Steve Buscemi helps firefighter bone marrow drive

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Steve Buscemi helps firefighter bone marrow drive
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Steve Buscemi is helping a firefighter bone marrow drive in New York City. The actor has joined forces with a drive in Brooklyn. He is helping a firefighter who is looking for a donor for his son.

Steve Buscemi has joined an important cause, according to CBS News. The actor was once a firefighter, so he can relate to others. Tim Hogan’s son, Owen Hogan, needs a bone marrow transplant. His firefighter coworkers have organized a bone marrow drive to help him.

Hogan is part of Engine Company 216 and is grateful for the support he is receiving. People who participate in the drive do not have to give blood or submit to difficult tests. They only need to allow a medical professional to take a cheek swab. Then, their sample will be tested to see if it is a match for Owen Hogan.

Owen Hogan is only 2 years old, and his family is worried about his future because he has aplastic anemia. Without a transplant, he could succumb to an illness and die. His firefighter father has been searching for donors. So far, they have not been able to find a match.

Actor Steve Buscemi shares that he still thinks of firefighters as his family. He is hoping that someone will hear his pleas to get tested and will turn out to be the right match for Owen Hogan. Friends of Firefighters Inc. helped host the bone marrow drive. Buscemi has joined firefighters in other efforts in the past. He has helped after Sept. 11 and after Hurricane Sandy.

Buscemi was an active part of the drive. He hopes more people will sign up to be tested. Tim Hogan was grateful for the actor’s participation in the bone marrow drive. His presence attracted more people and encouraged them to get the test.

The firefighter community often comes together to help one of their own. In this case, they are doing their best to help a firefighter find a bone marrow match for his son. Without a donor, his son faces an uncertain future. There is no guarantee that the right donor will be found through the drive. However, there is always the chance it may help someone else. Bone marrow databases get searched all the time for the perfect match. Everyone is encouraged to get the simple test and find out if they can save another person’s life.


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