Firefighters injured in Hunts Point Market fire

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Firefighters injured in Hunts Point Market fire
Image from video, below. Credit: NBC 4 New York

Firefighters were injured in a Hunts Point Market fire in the Bronx. A total of 12 firefighters ended up hurt as they battled the blaze. The fire was labeled as a four alarm blaze.

Firefighters rushed to put out a fire that started in a warehouse belonging to Hunts Point Market, according to the Associated Press. Although no workers or staff were hurt, firefighters were injured at the scene.

The call about the fire was received in the morning. Firefighters rushed to the scene and found the fire was spreading quickly. It started in the warehouse and had reached other offices. More than 170 firefighters were called to battle the flames. It took several hours to put it out.

Firefighters discovered that getting to the flames was more difficult than they initially thought. They ended up having to make holes in walls to reach the fire. This slowed down their process while the fire spread through the building quickly.

Hunts Point Market shares that only one vendor was affected by the fire. It will be able to continue working and others are not affected. It will be investigating the cause of the fire. Although Hunts did not confirm the vendor, some sources claim it is Mendez International Tropical. There was a fire at the market earlier in November.

Eleven of the 12 firefighters who were hurt in the fire have minor injuries. One has more serious injuries and is still in the hospital. The names and statuses of the firefighters have not been released to the media. The fire department has not shared how they were hurt.

Hunts Point Market had many flammable items inside the warehouse ranging from cardboard to food. This gave the fire plenty of fuel and made the jobs of firefighters more difficult. However, one of the biggest issues firefighters faced was getting inside. They had to force their way into the area to get to the fire.

It is not clear why no one made it easier for the firefighters to reach the fire. They found locked gates and walls blocking their access. In a fire with flammable items, it is crucial to reach the items quickly. However, there were physical obstacles blocking the way for the firefighters. Similar to the popular advice of keeping fire hydrants easy to access, it is important to remember that firefighters may need someone to open gates for them.


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