Off-duty Firefighter dies in house fire

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Off-duty Firefighter dies in house fire
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By Ann Rowland

Rapides Parrish (Louisiana) firefighters from fire district #2 were dispatched to the scene of a house fire early Sunday morning. When they arrived, they found Dustin Bordelon, 24, lying unconscious in a hallway adjacent to the living room.  First responders immediately began performing CPR and Bordelon was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

This call hit close to home for the firefighters of fire district #2. Bordelon is a Rapides Parrish firefighter at fire district #2 and was off duty and at home at the time the fire broke out. His fellow firefighters are coping with the loss of a brother.

Travis Trantham, a Rapides firefighter told KALB-Alexandria (LA) “I worked with him for a long time, every shift. And you get to know somebody it’s really hard to deal with it, especially he worked up here, he’s a brother you know. I can’t say enough how much he’ll be missed.”

“He chose an honorable profession knowing that any day he can go to work and perhaps die in the line of duty and who would have ever thought he would die in a house fire inside of his own home,” said Chief Randy McCain. “We are a team here at the department. A team and a family. And it is like losing a family member because he was such a likable fella this is going to hit us hard.”

State fire investigators were called in to investigate the fire. “Investigators found evidence at the kitchen stove which suggests the victim was likely cooking something on the stove top when the fire broke out,” reads the release. “Indications are that the stove was left unattended by the victim, who was found by first responders lying in the hallway, near the living area of the home.”

The investigation into the fire continues. Bordelon was at home alone at the time of the fire.  His home had no working smoke detectors. Bordelon will be laid to rest on Wednesday, November 27.

His fellow firefighters believe that their brother is in a better place. “Yesterday it was bright, it was a beautiful day. You know and his girlfriend said I think that is him saying that he is okay, I’m up here and don’t worry about me,” said Travis Trantham.


KALB-TV News Channel 5


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