5 hilarious sobriety test fails

5 hilarious sobriety test fails

When asked to recite the alphabet starting at ‘D’ and ending with ‘W’ this woman is so “confident” she doesn’t realize she forgot a few letters. Someone once said “Confidence is ignorance.”


This guy uses his head (LITERALLY) when a police officer pulls over for suspicious driving.


This old man was ask to take a breathalyzer test but I guess he thought it was time for another round.


Some people need a little assistance getting through the test…and sometimes it’s just as hard for the officer to get through a drunk field test as it is for a drunk person.


The most important thing to remember is always blow into the right end of the doorman’s walkie-talkie.


If you do find yourself at the wrong end of a breathalyzer test or drunk driving

field test and all else fails just make sure to hitch kick and barrel turn!


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