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Woman gets surprise of her life when police corner armed suspect boyfriend following pursuit


It wasn’t exactly the most romantic proposal, as far as conventional proposals go.  But one man’s marriage proposal over the weekend in Alabama certainly was unique and possibly the first time it’s ever happened before.


Daiwon McPherson says he can never surprise his girlfriend, Shawna. So when it was time to pop the question, he needed to come up with something really unusual, so she’d never find out.


He staged a fake arrest with the help of Mobile police, AL.com reported. He also got some assistance from the local motorcycle community.


McPherson told local media that he planned to get his girlfriend upset Friday so he could take her on a date later that night, to make up for it.  When he didn’t show up for dinner and drinks that night, Shawna knew something was wrong.


Members of the biker community told her he was being chased by Mobile police and that he “had a gun.”


The story was totally believable, since Friday night was biker night in Mobile. Earlier in the day, McPherson reportedly arranged to have two officers respond to the gas station “crime scene” and the cops “were all for it.”




When the big moment came, McPherson dropped down to his knees and Shawna ran over to him, telling the cops she was going to get the gun from him.  McPherson was digging through his pockets. As soon as Shawna realized he was pulling out a ring box, she started to cry.


McPherson later said he couldn’t believe he actually pulled this off. He told AL.com that he wanted his video to go viral to show the public how police worked together with the biker community for a good cause.


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